Do you Travel?

Yes! However, since travel has so many additional expenses(flight, hotel, taxis or public transit) costs will be more than the normal listed price. Please reach out directly for a quote.

How long have you been doing this?

I've been taking photos nearly my entire life, but professionally since 2009!

How many photos do we get?

My favorite question to answer...EVERY PICTURE! Typically around 30-40 photos per person. And that means EVERYTHING. If you blinked, you'll get it. If a bird flies into the picture, you'll get it. This allows for fun bloopers and behind the scenes photos and for you to choose the facial expressions that match what you want. By the way, did I mention ALL edited?

How do we get our photos?

All pictures will be delivered through a digital gallery to your email address.

Do you retouch photos?

All photos get color grading and lighting adjustments to match my style. Studio level skin editing is available for an additional charge on a per picture basis. (All pictures shown in our portfolio don't have studio level skin editing)

Whats your turn around time?

For most photoshoots turnaround time is 24 hours! However, certain circumstances can lead to 48 hours. More than 50% of shoots result in pictures being delivered same day.

How do we book you?

For Pike Place Market Airbnb shoots, on Airbnb! For any other inquiries, through Instagram DM's or email.

Are Airbnb photoshoots groups or private?

Both. If you don't mind meeting some new friends in your photoshoot, you can pay the per person price (much less). If you prefer to be private, there is an option to book as private at a higher rate.

How far out do you book?

Now booking into 2024!

What should we do for a surprise engagement session?

Surprise engagements are always fun! They require some planning in advance, so I appreciate any heads up or communication beforehand so I can mentally prepare and choose the best location to get down on one knee!

What should we wear?

This is entirely up to you! From my personal experience, I like pictures of myself when I dress nicer than normal. However, if you are comfortable with some more casual, that's totally fine!

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